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Hi Author, Here i am using UTL_SMTP for sending mail with attachment here some point unclear whether while we have to mention complete path of the file or just file name. Here i want to send output file of the concurrent program as attachment. Then what customization i have made are correct or not means what should i have to add more because here i am able to send mail but not attachment If any body have idea regarding this Thanks Mahantesh

 '-------SECBOUND'|| crlf ||
    'Content-Type: text/plain;'|| crlf ||
    ' name="p_Fillename"'|| crlf ||
    'Content-Transfer_Encoding: 32bit'|| crlf ||
    'Content-Disposition: attachment;'|| crlf ||
    ' filename="p_Fillename " '|| crlf ||
    crlf ||
    'OUT,file,attachement'|| crlf ||	-- Content of attachment
    crlf ||